Balónikové katétre

Pantera LEO


 Indicated for stent post- and pre-dilatation of resistant lesions. With its low compliance and reduced longitudinal balloon growth, Pantera LEO is tailored to stent post- and pre-dilatation of resistant lesions.
  • Lowest compliance in class avoiding dog-boning effect
  • Extra short balloon shoulders to minimize vessel trauma
  • Patchwork coating for enhanced crossability


Product Details

Lowest Compliance in Class Avoiding Dog-boning Effect

The lowest compliance ensures controlled minimal growth1 up to RBP without any dog-boning effect.


Shortest Balloon Shoulders

The extra short balloon shoulders reduce longitudinal balloon growth, minimizing the potential for vessel trauma outside the treatment area.


Patchwork Coating

Patchwork Coating for Enhanced Crossability

The tri-fold balloon is fully coated when folded and only partly coated when inflated. This patchwork coating enables enhanced crossability while minimizing slippage during dilatation.


Patchwork Coating

Technical Data

Proximal Shaft
DesignHypotube design
Diameter2.0 F
Shaft markers92 cm and 102 cm from tip
Distal Shaft
Guiding catheter5F (min. I.D. 0.056″)
Guide wire diameter0.014″
Lesion entry profile0.018″
Usable length145 cm
Distal shaft length34 cm
Balloon materialSCP (semi-crystalline polymer)
Balloon folding3-fold
Balloon markersPlatinum-iridium
CoatingHydrophilic (end of balloon to GW exit port); hydrophobic (balloon and tip)
Diameter2.6F (ø 2.0 – 3.75 mm); 2.7F (ø 4.0 – 5.0 mm)

Compliance Chart

Balloon Diameter x Length (mm)
Nominal Pressureatm21414141414141414141414
(NP)ø (mm)
Rated Burst Pressureatm22020202020202020201818
(RBP)ø (mm)2.052.322.572.833.093.353.613.894.124.565.07